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  Generic Products
A1 Sealed Driver Generics

New EMA A1 Generic In-Ears offer Super-Bottom-end response, independantly tested as Best-in-Class for Bass Response.

We sent some of these to the 'States - and they are with the Guys from the Grateful Dead. They emailed their Monitor Engineer here in Australia - and said "No-Way are these guys getting this sound from just one-driver !!!". Nicely said boys.

Why not Try them yourself?

We have a special price of $249.00 which includes a $40 EMA T-Shirt with every order - while Stocks last.

Specifications -  
• Frequency Range:
• Impedance: 
• Max. Power
• Sensitivity: 
• Cable: 
20Hz - 20KHz
18 Ohms
70 mw
114dB SPL at 1KHz
Stereo "Y" cord, 100cm gold plated contacts,
3.5mm stereo jack.



NOTICE: Do not use In-Ear-Monitor Products or any amplification device at excessive volumes as hearing damage may result. Always set Volumes to a sensible level. Australian Hearing Laboratories accepts no liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of products.