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15th June 2012 - UPDATE.


Sarah Douglas from Tasmania just ordered these magnificent Specimens - Nice touch Sezzie !!!

These In-Ears show you the freedom you have to really get involved with your IEM design - How would you have yours Made?




15th June 2012   Ear Monitors Australia A1 Generics - Prices Reduced even further! ! !

Ear Monitors Australia - Generic Single Driver In-Ears - suited to Professional Performers and weekend musicians alike. Now priced at $249.00. I scrounged some T-Shirts from our city office - still free with every set sold - value $40.00.

World-wide shipping.

These are the actual model used on Australian Idol and will not disappoint.


15th June 2012   Our recent work with leading Australian acts

EMA's recent work has included jobs for Sneaky Sound System, The Wiggles, Stan Walker, Radio INK, Jimmy Barnes and the entire talented Barnes clan in addition to many others.

Get in touch with us and have a chat about how we can help you with your IEM application.

We have been involved in the recent supply of custom in-ear technology for Opera Australia for their La Traviata performance on a Stage built in Sydney Harbour!


15th June 2015   This Year's Most Popular Product

So far the most popular product is the Custom Dual-LITE - that we released in late 2009. A custom moulded product with a cable you can buy and replace yourself - these In-Ears have the Hi-Fidelity of matched and balanced drivers - 2 per ear - and the sharpness and bottom end you would normally see in higher cost models.

These Models cost $1,660.00 including GST and Custom Art and Logos are no extra charge. They have 12-Months Full warranty and this includes any fitting issues. We hear some companies have deserted clients on bad-fit issues - that's not us - we take the ear impressions anywhere in Australia and we take responsibility for the quality of the whole job.

Please consider spending your hard-earned dollars here in Australia where the innovation is state-of-the-art and the service is local to you.



15th June 2012   Hey - did you say I could up-grade my In-Ears ???

Yes. While others make products that are designed around low-cost production and condition customers to a "throw-away" life-style, we clever blokes at EMA think that perhaps you are tired of paying for larger company's convenience - factoring in throw-away product design - it's no cheaper so why tolerate it? You pay for something of good quality when you buy from us - it's time you were able to keep up with technology without having to completely replace your In-Ears too....

How about a set of In-Ears that can be fully maintained over many many years of use? Well we already have that - as you can replace a cable - send the IEM's to us to be fixed if they fault - or have them cleaned and tested before a tour starts. But - what about if you could send Custom Dual-Drivers back and ask - for example - to have them upgraded to Triples - or better still - QUADS ???

Well now you can - Please give us a call to discuss an upgrade to your IEM's - increase that True Live Sound Quality in your existing In-Ears for a fraction of the cost of an outright buy.

Have a look at these In-Ears made recently for a Sydney Client - what a Super-Deluxe Looking Set of In-Ears - with sound Quality to Match.....!!!



New "Semi-Pro" Dual Sounds Smooth Yet Vibrant ....

I guess it's a matter of "hearing is believing". Utilising the latest in Hybrid-driver design, and combining this with our extensive research into acoustics and ear-resonance - we have a new model at under $1,000.00 that sounds very nice indeed.

Complete with the usual user-replaceable cable and 12 months warranty, Semi-Pro will serve you well whether you are a once-a-week jammer or someone who performs regularly.

Custom Duals are now being ordered by Joggers and gym-goers - just for that custom comfort fit while exercising. At $990.00 inc GST they are great value and have a lifetime of many years compared to throw-away styles.