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Classic Dual / Custom Triples / Custom Quads


CLASSIC Dual-Driver Custom Monitors - Our Longest - Running Product - 17 years now !!!

The Longest - Running product in the EMA range - and for good reason. For many years the Main-stay of our product line and the chosen model for outfits such as Midnight Oil, SilverChair, The Farnham Band and many others. (see Our Clients page).

This product provides excellent results for in-ear-users due to its individual fit in the ear and high attenuation-level. Bass response and top end is outstanding due to the custom nature of the monitor.

Many artists have chosen to individualize their monitors, choosing from a full range of colours and designs. Others have retained the low-profile flesh colour. Colour tints are available to match skin-tones.

Specifications -  
 Frequency Range:
20Hz - 12KHz
13 - 16 Ohms
115dB SPL at 1KHz
Detachable Stereo "Y" cord, 100cm length gold plated contacts, 3.5mm stereo jack.

Dual-Driver Tour Package

This package is ideal for the touring band or performer. The security of a spare set of Custom in-ears is a great reassurance when you are thousands of miles from home!

The first set of monitors are Custom Dual-Drivers, and "Y" cord. The second set are a Custom Single Driver unit with its own "Y" cord. This combination must be ordered and manufactured as a package. This gives the peace of mind of a 2nd set of in-ears and spare "Y" cable.

Deluxe Tour Package - "As used by Kylie Minogue"
The Deluxe Tour Package includes two sets of Custom Dual-Drivers with cords. This must be ordered as a package - however the monitors can be made in different colours if required at no extra charge!
Dual-Driver "Bass-Blast" Monitors
This product has now been superceded by the Custom Triple-Driver model listed below.

Custom Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors

Identified by it's sensational bandwidth, and incredible mid-range detail - the Triple-Drivers (Triples) are the In-Ear of choice for many of Australia's top vocalists.

Bass response is even better than the old "Bass-Blast" model, and this is now combined with extended top-end headroom and EMA's matched, balanced and measured acoustic delivery.

Using Three drivers per ear - and all of the custom fitting and isolation features normally associated with our high-performance custom products, these are fully versatile across many music genres.

Customers report being able to pick up Room-Effects and other fine-tuning aspects with much greater detail using Triples. Some of the nuances of Live-Sound that were lost in early IEM versions are now being clawed back using the latest in acoustic research - right here in Australia.

Jackie Barnes using his Black-on-Black EMA Custom Triples - hitting the skins in his amazing, energetic live style. Comfortable with the great sound detail and protecting one of his greatest assets - his hearing... Are you protecting yours ???


Custom Quads - WOW !!!

Four Drivers per-ear.... Working on the principle that many-hands make light-work ??? Well, generally speaking yes, but there's a bit more to it than that....

Quad's rely on pin-point accurate driver tuning, both passive and electronic, to make the system work. Stuffing half-a-dozen drivers into an earpiece dosen't make a more detailed, aligned or high-performance in-ear. We know this because we made 6-way drivers in 2001 but the available technology did not do justice to the project.

Two-years worth of research and testing, some willing test-pilots (Thanks Ben!) and clients willing to push it to the limit, and we have another "Top-of-the-Range" model to offer you.

Quads test the boundaries of bandwidth and belt-pack capability and set the standard for In-Ear audio perofrmance when we released them in late 2008.

A series II version with updated filtering was released in mid-2009 and this product faithfully re-produces your live-sound like no other we have ever made.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits of this model for your particular application.




SPARE PARTS & Accessories

-Spares are available for all In-Ear-Monitor Products. These include:

-Standard (100cm) or  longer (135cm) Stereo "Y" cord.

-Vent plugs for Passive-Vented series.

-Cleaning tools and spares cases to protect your equipment in transit.

-De-Humidifiers to dry the units after a full night of 'perspiration-attack' !!!

-Self-Adhesive Foam 'sweat-strips' to stop movement and retain moisture away from the IEM's.

-Please see price list for further information, or contact your EMA Dealer.



NOTICE: Do not use In-Ear-Monitor Products or any amplification device at excessive volumes as hearing damage may result. Always set Volumes to a sensible level. Australian Hearing Laboratories accepts no liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of products.