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  Our Clients

Our Clients

Batchelor Girl
Oasis Band
Midnight Oil Band & Crew
Global Television
Danielle Spencer
Rove McManus
Kylie Minogue
Tina Arena
Human Nature Band
White Man Can’t Reggae
Silverchair Band
Savage Garden
Marcia Hines
Rodney Matheson - Sound Engineer
Ben Shapiro – Sound Engineer
The Living End Band
Mylious Johnson – Drummer – PINK
John Elsdon
Andrew Grant
Dave Thomas – Magic Dirt
Brian Henderson
David Lovell – Cameraman
Eddie McGuire
Village Roadshow Productions
Gary Lyon
The Resource Corporation
John Farnham
Olivia Newton-John


Anthony Warlow
Madison Avenue
Doug Mulray
Stan Zemanek
Murray Tregonning SoundEngineer / Legend
John Simpson – Sound Engineer
Chicane Band
Peppermint Jam
The Testeagles
Nicole Kidman
Sydney Superdome
Ewan McGregor
Guntis Sics – Award Winning Film Sound Engineer – Moulin Rouge
System Sound
Conrad Hendricks – Sound Engineer
Gearhouse Broadcast Pty Ltd
Lloyd Carrick Film Sound
Kitty Can Tap
Sassall Audio Services
Rob Guest
Todd McKenny
Gretel Kileen – Big Brother
Rt. Hon. Peter Costello MP
Murray Tregonning & Associates – Sydney
Murray Tregonning & Associates – Melbourne
Sportsears Pty Ltd
TalentWorks Pty Ltd
Merrill Bainbridge
Crash Zone II
Lee Kernaghan Band

Network 10 Sydney
“They Call Me Bruce” Graham
Ray Gandelli
John Farnham – “Last Time” Tour
Rory Madden – British Sound Engineer
& Many others………………………!

Please note:

Although Australian Hearing Laboratories hold testimonials and tributes from many of the above customers, inclusion in the list does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of our products and services by the people / groups listed.